The product range by ICM Technologies

The wide product range of ICM Technologies results from our long-standing experience in all areas of energy and flow metering.

Based on customer-specific measuring requirements, measuring equipments of well-knowned manufacturer are further developed for us and are produced under our label.

For every metering point, we offer a suitable, cost-saving, nonproprietary, market-wide and customer-oriented solution.

Heat meters

ICM Technologies delivers heat meters from the companies Diehl, Kamstrup, and GWF. Choose from the following models to meet your needs.

  • Ultrasonic compact heat meters (DN15-DN100)
  • Impeller compact heat meters (DN15-DN150)
  • Impeller capsule heat meters (DN15-DN20)
  • Calculators
  • Temperature sensors
  • Ultrasonic volume meters (DN15-DN600)
  • Impeller volume meters (DN15-DN200)

Cooling meters

ICM Technologies delivers cooling meters from the companies Diehl, Krohne, and Jumo. Choose from the following models to meet your needs.

  • Magnetic inductive flow meters (DN15-DN300)
  • Ultrasonic compact cooling meters (DN15-DN100)
  • Calculators
  • Temperature sensors
  • Ultrasonic volume meters (DN15-DN400)

Water meters

ICM Technologies delivers water meters from the companies Diehl, Krohne, and Jumo. Choose from the following models to meet your needs.

  • Magnetic-inductive flow meter (DN15-DN300)
  • Ultrasound-compact cooling meter (DN15-DN100)
  • Arithmetic unit
  • Temperature sensor
  • Ultrasound-volume measuring (DN15-DN400)

Electricity meters

ICM Technologies delivers electricity meters from all leading manufacturers. The e-meters in our program have all the required communication interfaces.

  • DIN rail meters
  • Transformer connected meters
  • Household meter
  • Current transformer

Gas meters

ICM Technologies delivers gas meters from the companies Elster, Itron, and Diehl.

  • Diaphragm gas meters (BK G2,5-G100)
  • Rotary meters (DN40-DN200)
  • Quantometer (DN25-DN150)
  • Thermal mass flow meters
  • Volume converters

Steam quantity meters

ICM Technologies delivers steam quantity meters from the companies ABB and Krohne. For years, we have successfully replaced the conventional orifica plate flow meters with innovative measuring technologies.

  • Calculators
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Swirl flow meter (DN15-DN400)
  • Vortex flow meter (DN15-DN300)
  • Ultrasonic flow meters (DN …)

Compressed air meters / Air meters / Air energy meters

ICM Technologies delivers compressed air meters from the companies ABB and Pheonix Contact. Recently, the new and especially innovative products from the Luftmeister company complete our assortment.

  • Thermal mass flow meter
  • Ultrasonic compressed air meters
  • Air meters
  • air energy meters

Oil meters

ICM Technologies delivers oil meters from the company Aquametro.

  • Rotary piston meters

Meters for special media

ICM Technologies delivers special media from the company ABB.

  • Coriolis mass flow meters

Metering point accessories

ICM Technologies delivers all common accessories for the ideal and professional installation of your meter device.

  • Installation kits
  • Fittings
  • Ball valves
  • Fitting pieces
  • Pipe reducers

Test equipment for heat and cooling meter

ICM Technologies has supported the equipment of heat meter testing stations as a competent partner for several years.

  • Measuring and testing equipment including temperature baths for heat meter and cooling meter temperature sensors (Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000)
  • Meter and testing equipment for heating meters and cooling meters.

Software and system technology

ICM Technologies delivers software and system technology from the companies Elvaco, Diehl, GWF, Padmess, Wachendorff, Westermo, and Amber. The equipment variety allows the integration of actual meter technology in the world of smart metering and energy monitoring.

  • Meter read out software
  • Meter parameterizing software
  • Converter
  • Master with push-function
  • Splitter
  • Data logger
  • Modem
  • Pulse modules
  • IP-modules
  • OMS radio components
  • Gateways / protocol converter

The diversity of meter requirements, which our customers have brought to us over the years, demands a varied and highly comprehensive product range, which we can only meet in rough terms at this point.

Further product information is happily provided by request. Please contact us.